Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cherishing the little stuff

I found this book the other night that I started for Luke when he was about 3 years old.  I titled it, "Funny Luke sayings".  I started reading some of it to Lance and we had so many laughs thinking about our little boy and how witty and funny he is.  Luke is approaching 6 years old and I just can't believe it!  My oldest little boy is turning six!  REALLY?!  How does time slip by so quickly? 

One thing I've been thinking a lot about is nurturing my children's souls and hearts and making sure that I don't let the little moments pass by without cherishing them.  That's a difficult thing to do.  It's hard to delight in your children when you spend most of the day tending to their basic needs.  But, God's been putting on my heart to make sure that I spend quality time with each of them and pour good things into their hearts and souls.  I don't want them to be the focus of my life, but I do want them to be a focus in my life.  There's a difference.  I've figured out that Luke loves to get up early in the morning and sneak away from everyone else and go have breakfast.  It's not fancy, he usually picks McDonalds!  But, he loves that it's just him and me.  We talk about the latest Mario games or whatever is on his mind.  It's not easy for this girl to get up early, but it's SO worth it!

A goal I have for this year is to make each child a little book to record things about them each year.  I want to have this as a reminder to me of how God uniquely designed each of them.  I don't want to take any of this "little stuff" for granted!

Here's a few Luke sayings for you.  Hope you enjoy!

"Dirt makes me strong and happy and angry."

"I don't want to 'bayo'.  Stop saying those nasty words."

Scripture Memory
"God said, Let us make apples."  Gen.1:26

Brother Jacob
"This is my baby sister brother Jacob.  He's just a baby.  I'm a big boy"

"Here mommy.  Here's a piece of my nose.  It's just a booger."

As Luke and Daddy were eating one day, (after Luke had been sick with a stomach bug), Luke said, "Stop!...", then proceeded to pray and thank God for healing his stomach...
Later that night, Daddy said, "Come on Luke, let's go say our prayers and get ready for bed."  "I don't need to pray", said Luke.  "God already answered all my prayers." 

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