Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school!

I'm excited to say that Oden Academy has kicked off a new school year with a first grader, a Pre-K big 4 year old, and a preschool smartie. 

Our too cool 1st grader

Our big boy Pre-K 4 year old
And, our sweet and sassy preschooler.
And let's not forget our student in waiting, our sweet Sophie Joy. 
People ask me all the time how I do it, but really, I wonder how they do it!  Homeschooling has been a walk of faith and a natural process for our family and it just works.  One of the joys of homeschooling for me has been the flexibility.  I love getting an idea to go somewhere or do something that we're learning about and just doing it!  And, let's not forget the perk of doing school in your pjs!
I also love being able to teach my kids Godly principles while they're still at home.  It brings me so much joy to do this.  This morning, I lead them into a discussion about the bible.  We read this from the Jesus Storybook:
"The Heavens are singing about how great God is;  and the skies are shouting it out, "See what God has made!'  Day after day...Night after night...They are speaking to us."  Psalm 19:1-2 (paraphrased).  We talked about how God gave us this book to tell about Himself and it's a story of Him.  It's also a story of a great hero that comes to save the people he loves.  We will be reading through their bible this year and this thrills me!
And, yes, we'll be learning the basic subjects too.  I was so impressed at how much even little Ella is already starting to learn in reading.  Luke's favorite subject is math.  And, Jacob started learning the letter "A" today.  Sophie cooed and gooed and made us laugh through it all.  :)
I hope you'll follow along on our adventures of homeschool, crafting, and more.  By the way, a little table is calling my name out in the garage. 
Hmmm....what color should I paint it?  Ideas??  :) 


  1. Orange! OK, not really!

    Happy First Day Of School!!!

    1. That's not a terrible idea! Have you seen the color "Yumi"? I've been thinking a lot about it...Really, I'm thinking of painting it blue. :)...I've been loving blue...