Saturday, October 16, 2010

Checkers anyone?

I always look forward to the weekends because Lance is here and we can do projects!  Today, our focus was getting ready for the upcoming craft fair/festival in Mtn.View.  You know, the Bean Fest!  Get your fill of crafts, music, and beans.  You might even be making your own music on the way home, heehee! 
So, today was about checker boards.  I have a thing for checkers.  First of all, I am a champion checker player and skunk Lance just about every time!  But, really, some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing games with my grandfather, "Papaw".  Our favorites were checkers and uno.  I rarely remember a visit without playing some kind of board game.  Board games are such good family time!  And, Lance and I like to make things that promote the family, which we are hugely passionate about. 
So, back to the checkerboards.  These boards are made of solid oak wood.  Lance cut them and sanded them, then I did my painting thing.  And, yes, there will be checkers with them, but they are wooden too, and I still need to paint them.  (Will post pics of final product later).  The idea for this little contraption is that it's decorative and useful.  You hang it on your wall and get it down when you want to play.  Everything is handpainted.  If you're interested, they are $60 plus S&H.  Hope you like! 

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  1. well sister it looks like you got it up and running and it looks great! welcome to the blog world!