Monday, March 31, 2014

Do you know the ice cream man? He lives on Trison Lane...:)

This year, our baby girl turned 2! And, our biggest boy turned 8!   Boohoo!,  and hooray at the same time!

We decided to do a combination party,(since our oldest and youngest birthdays are TWO DAYS apart!), coming up with the theme:  "It's Saturday, let's have a sundae and celebrate Luke and Sophie!" 

We love traditions around here, what about you?  Traditions are a way to teach your kids what you value.  We value each other and are so grateful that God allows us raise these kids.  So, we want to celebrate their birthdays in special ways.  This doesn't mean going out and spending a lot;  it's the little things that count and make things special. 

Jacob, our youngest boy, commented to his cousin Wyatt, "We ALWAYS use this birfday banner".  And, we do!  That makes it memorable. 
We also always write their name and what birthday it is for them on our chalkboard wall REALLY BIG. :)
The kids helped me pick topping ideas and I bought those little waffle bowls for them to use to build their sundaes. 

They came up with some interesting combinations!
OF COURSE we had an ice cream man!  Daddy so graciously went along with the plan and dressed up!  He was the "scooper", then the kids could pick the toppings they wanted. 
Sophie LOVED her ice cream!  And, by the way, her little shirt came from Wal-Mart!  I just bought a solid yellow shirt and found and iron-on number 2 at Hobby Lobby for a dollar!  Super easy and cute!
Luke needed a number shirt too!  So, I found him an "8" at Hobby Lobby and just ironed it right on!
FUN was had by ALL!



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