Saturday, January 29, 2011

My newest crafting entertainment...bows!

So, I went into Hobby Lobby today...I know, big mistake!  I can never come out of there empty handed, and it's usually some sort of idea for a new craft or hobby,( I guess that would be the point).  But, nonetheless, I went in to pick up some scrapbook stuff and decided to try out this bow making thing.  If you haven't noticed, bows are the cutest thing ever for baby and little girls, besides flowers, (they're my true favorite)!  So, I decided to make some...and now I'm hooked!  And, for those of you who make them, ribbon is half off right now at Hobby Lobby!  Anyway, here's a few that I made.  I'll post more as I make more;  if you want me to make you one or some, shoot me an email.

I thought they would be fun stacked!  What's the most fun about this project is that I get to try them out on my best clients, Ella and Tenley!  Can't wait! 


  1. Cute!! I have TONS of bow stuff, and need to have a bow making day. Maybe you could come over sometime after all our kids are in bed with your stuff and we could have a bow night!=) Also, a trick I read from an online tutorial was to use a lighter to fix the fray at the end of the ribbon once you are done and this is so helpful! Just in case you didn't already know that.

  2. leslie-
    oh fun! i'm gonna google the "fray check" and see how expensive it is...i guess you would have to be careful with the lighter! haha! we should def. get together to make bows; they're tons of fun!