Friday, April 6, 2012

The story of Sophie's birth

Well, I've been thinking about writing this story for awhile, but I've been a little busy, heehee.  The crazy thing is I could've counted the hours down to when Sophie was born, then poof, she's almost two weeks old already.  Time flies when you're adjusting and loving on a newborn.  We have had some precious moments these past few weeks that I'll remember forever. 

So, rewind to about a month before Sophie Joy was born.  I'd been having thoughts, crazy thoughts.  I was thinking about having this baby totally naturally, drug-free, no epidural, nothing.  =)...This is something I've always wanted to do, but never knew I could do it.  I was the child that faked a choking incident when I was 5 to avoid my kindergarten shots.  I do not like pain.  Of course, no one does, unless you have a really good reason.  My reason was to give my baby the best birth I possibly could.  So, I started doing my research, reading some books, and talking to friends who had done this before.  And, I prayed a lot.  I prayed and asked God to guide us on this.  Some things really needed to line up.  I was scheduled to have Sophie at a hospital that isn't known for being pro-natural births, so I needed the okay from my specialist to transfer back to Baptist Hospital, which is a fabulous place to have a natural birth.  God lined everything up.  My specialist gave me the okay and I transferred back to the Cornerstone Clinic at Baptist.  My doctor there was such a naturalist that it almost drove me crazy.  After one of my doctor visits, Lance asked me what "the plan" was.  Um, the plan is whenever the baby decides to come, we'll have her.  =)...So, we just waited.  I was getting nervous.  I have a history of big babies.  And, a big baby and a natural birth just sounded scary to me.  But, this was a great time for me to just trust in the Lord.  So, I waited and trusted and prayed some more. 

Thursday, March 22nd, I really thought Sophie was coming.  I'd been having regular contractions for over 2 hours.  We made it to the hospital, walked and walked and walked some more, but it only made me exhausted and dilated to a 4, contractions fizzling out.  I cried on the way home because I really wanted to see this baby.  Lance and I made a trip to the Waffle House at midnight and still laugh about the workers joking with us about having the baby there. 

So, here I was, dilated to a 4 and nothing happening.  This was depressing.  I was so ready.  But, God kept reminding me about His perfect timing for Sophie.  I waited and walked and walked and tried to rest too.  Saturday, March 24th, I could not sleep.  I tossed and turned and had the same contractions I'd had a million times before that didn't turn into labor, so I ignored them...for awhile anyway.  By early Sunday morning, I couldn't sleep anymore, I knew I was in labor. 

When we finally made it to the hospital, I was dilated to a 5 and in labor!  Yay! =)...I was a little nervous, but God had provided me with a wonderful nurse and doula, and of course my great coach of a hubby.  Lance was extremely attentive and great through the whole thing.  My body knew exactly what to do and honestly, it wasn't that bad!  Even with the hardest contractions, God gives us rest in between.  It was neat to see the difference in a natural birth and a medicated one.  Sophie was calm at birth and I could see a difference in how she reacted verses my three other kiddos.  Not to mention, it was easier on my body because I could move around verses being numb from waist down.  Finally, it was a great feeling of accomplishment.  Maybe this is how a marathon runner feels at the end of a race.  =)...God's way is always the best way.  This isn't to say that some women don't have health issues that prevent them from having a natural birth.  I know what that's like.  I have health issues that prevent me from breastfeeding.  And, I'm okay with that.  But, if you can do it, think about it, because it's really awesome! 

Finally, I just want to thank God for answering prayers and bringing Sophie here safely.  What a wonderful answered prayer she is to me.  Every time I think of her name, Sophie (meaning wisdom) and Joy (for the indescribable peace God gave me during this pregnancy), I rejoice and am thankful to God. 

"For God is sheer beauty, all-generous in love, loyal always and ever".  Psalm 100:5

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